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Service Design: Creating Delightful Cross-Channel Experiences

Marc Stickdorn · Monday, October 27 · 8:30am – 5:30pm ·Pacific A–C

Photo of Marc Stickdorn

Focus on the interactions people have in the context of any service situation. Create a cohesive customer experience by expanding beyond digital and designing for every customer touch point.

Map your customer’s emotional journey, and drop the buzzwords that prevent user engagement. Experiment with new prototyping techniques to test service designs quickly and cheaply.

We met Marc in Brazil, and he was the first person to explain Service Design to us in an actionable way.

The day’s agenda


Go beyond digital with Service Design

  • How to shed process-heavy habits and start sketching now (on a napkin!)
  • Ways to get in your customers’ shoes for non-tangible services
  • What quality of personas need to serve as research for effective service-design

Visualize customer experiences with Journey Maps

  • What are journey maps, why are they useful, and how do they fit into the process
  • Ways to scope the full experience by creating an assumption-based journey map
  • Which visuals and text to use as touch points with your customers


Design for customer happiness at each touch point

  • How to map the customers’ satisfaction and emotion throughout their journey
  • Discuss positive and negative experiences with your team to arrive at consensus
  • Sketch possible solutions to improve on top-priority problem areas of the journey

Prototype new service solutions in low-fidelity ways

  • Ways to prototype people-to-people and people-to-machine interactions in service contexts
  • How to prototype objects in the context of the journey map, then usability test them
  • Tips for discussing what you’ve learned with teams and stakeholders

Design across channels

Map customers’ emotional journey

Customer happiness is vital to engagement, conversions, and growth. Map their emotion as it changes on their journey across channels, and identify new opportunities to design for delight.

Speak the language of your customer

A journey map isn’t a formal deliverable. It’s a change-management tool we use to talk about customer experiences—in real terms, not buzzwords—across organizational silos.

Innovate without breaking the bank

Create prototypes that work between products and people, or between people and people. Test them for usability without breaking budgets or timelines.

You’ll see how to:

  • Go from assumption-based to insights-driven journey maps
  • Spark new design ideas from topical interpretations of your team’s sketches
  • Quietly brainstorm design ideas, then discuss them together as a group
  • Make cheap, fast prototypes to test in the context of the service situation
  • Discover and prioritize problematic touch points
  • Translate service-design thinking into your daily work

Take back new Service Design techniques

A better understanding of your customers’ experience from end-to-end
Identify every physical and digital touch point your customers experience on their journey.
More designable services and service systems
See how effective journey maps are at visualizing the customer experience.
Techniques to facilitate design discussions in large service organizations
Work across silos to design new experiences that maximize happiness at each touch point.
Methods for prototyping physical-world experiences 
Test new designs with low-cost physical products and face-to-face interaction techniques.

Heavy on practicing new techniques, light on lecture

You’ll sketch and make physical prototypes of people-to-people and people-to-machine interactions. You’ll work in small groups to explore different customer journeys and how to design for them.

Marc Stickdorn, Service Designer

Photo of Marc Stickdorn

We first discovered Marc Stickdorn speaking about service-design thinking in South America and came to one conclusion: we needed him to do a workshop at UI19. His innovative approach to mapping customers’ journey through an experience—including their emotion and satisfaction along the way—is practical, low risk, and high value.

His teaching is so sought-after that he co-authored and edited the book, This is Service-Design Thinking, which is packed with case studies of organizations who’ve moved toward empathy-driven design.

Marc is a guest lecturer at business and design schools, and he works with organizations to sustainably integrate service design in their daily processes. He co-founded smaply, software to visualize customer journeys and service ecosystems, and also myServiceFellow, a tool to gain genuine customer insights through mobile ethnography.


Marc discusses how collaboration of various people in your organization is required when developing and then launching a service.

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