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Register by July 18 - get your own designer’s toolkit

Every designer should have a toolkit with the essential tools needed to make great designs. We found the perfect one for you. These tools make it easy to iterate and share ideas in physical form.

Register for User Interface 19 by July 18 and you’ll get your own toolkit and sketchbook to capture all your awesome ideas during and after the conference.

Use these tools at the conference and beyond

Photo of the designer’s toolkit
  • High-quality sketchpad This sketch pad has three different scannable templates so you can sketch out wireframes, produce storyboard interactions, and draft out your brilliant design ideas.
  • Copic cool gray markers Give your sketches depth and dress it up with a cool gray pen. Choose from two different shades to create detailed and fluid lines. Plus it’s a versatile dual tipped marker.
  • Sharpie red and black ultra fine point markers Fine black tip for detailed sketching, and a fine red tip for when you want to call attention to different parts of your sketches.
  • Sharpie black fine point marker Every toolkit needs a workhorse. It’s your go-to multi-purpose pen. Perfect for drawing just about anything and also helps with adjusting line weight when you outline your sketches with the pen. Great for lettering.
  • Pigma Micron 05 inking pen This waterproof and quick-drying pen is ideal for putting life to your design.
  • Sticky notes You have to have 2×2 sticky notes to be a designer right? What you can do with them is limitless.
  • Dot stickers Better than tape - use these little stickers to tack your designs to any surface or add additional elements to you design.
  • Words of wisdom How will you get started with your new kit? The included note cards are loaded with suggestions on how to make best use of your new kit.
  • Toolkit case With all these great tools you’ll need something to keep them together. This rugged and compact folding case will keep all your tools safe and sound. Think of it as your grab and go pack.
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