User Interface 19

October 27–29, 2014

Coming Soon: Recordings & materials from the 2014 User Interface 19 Conference

UI19 OnDemand brings best practices and cutting edge techniques to help you understand your users’ needs and create experiences that engage and delight.

Spark effective and productive change within your organization with video recordings from the 90-minute talks.

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Check out these awesome UI19 OnDemand topics that will help you be a better designer.

  • Mobile design for multi-devices
  • Content-first UX design
  • Designing experiences across environments
  • Design an organizational strategy
  • Seamless UX across channels
  • Design Critique
  • Designing for simplicity
  • Typography
  • Design principles
  • Evaluating designs

UI19 OnDemand includes video from these content rich and entertaining talks:

Photo of Luke Wroblewski
Screen Time: Multi-Device Design Luke Wroblewski

Before you design for screens, you must understand them. Get tips to clarify design decisions, manage thorny issues like "the fold," different device resolutions, aspect ratios, and input types.

Photo of Steph Hay
What Video Games Teach Us about UX Steph Hay

Video games teach us the value of writing content before an interface exists, how to apply content-first UX design, and why voice and tone is vital to engagement.

Photo of Marc Stickdorn
Service Design: Basic Tools and Insights Marc Stickdorn

Create better experiences for customers. Gain a deeper understanding of seamless UX across channels and silos. Explore service ecosystems and an alternative to the classic products versus services category.

Photo of Stephen Anderson
The Architecture of Understanding Stephen Anderson

Design for experiences that span people, artifacts, and environments. Develop skills necessary for our information rich world. Examine how thought and interactions facilitate understanding.

Photo of Jared Spool
UX Strategy Means Business Jared Spool

How do we avoid user experience catastrophes like and Apple's iOS6 Maps? Join Jared to explore how design fuses with and supports an organization's strategy. Learn how to coordinate UX strategy with your business's objectives.

Photo of Kim Goodwin
The Power of Principles Kim Goodwin

Develop your team's guiding design principles. Explore their impact on organizational culture, visual and interaction design, product definition, and policy. Bring life to your organization's ideals through your guiding principles.

Photo of Tim Brown
The Transformative Power of Typography and Graphic Design Tim Brown

Find out how understanding and applying high-level typography and graphic design can improve your work. Explore the rules and how their timely use can prepare web compositions for various scenarios.

Photo of Dan Saffer
The Complexity of Simplicity Dan Saffer

Simplicity lies on the other side of complexity—get there without alienating users. Discover ways to recognize and avoid complicated products and solutions, and tools to achieve simplicity.

Photo of Leah Buley
Hunches, Instincts, and Trusting Your Gut Leah Buley

Gain confidence to know when to trust your gut and critique with intelligence. Learn ways to assess the effectiveness of layout, typography, and messaging. Know when design elements are out of place.